fedora 9 upgrade

Yesterday I tried to upgrade from fedora 8 to fedora 9 using anaconda and DVD…As usually something went wrong: anaconda crashed during installation..fortunatly during post-install process…

Right now I have a mixed system:

[root@sboing ~]# yum list installed | grep fc8 | wc -l
[root@sboing ~]#

…and I try to use a bash powered script to clean and fix it:

[root@sboing ~]# for x in `yum list installed | grep fc8 | awk '{print $1}' `; do yum remove "${x%.*}*fc8" ; echo "yum remove " ${x%.*}*fc8; done

and after 🙂

[root@sboing ~]# yum list installed | grep fc8 | wc -l
[root@sboing ~]#

Now all seems working, except for the Nvidia video card :-/ I’m waiting next nvidia closed drivers….
Update 29/05/2008@13:26 Today official NVidia driver are on livna fedora repository… \o/


4 thoughts on “fedora 9 upgrade

  1. Using package-cleanup from yum-utils there is an easier way:

    # package-cleanup –cleandupes


  2. You can’t always go by the fc# in the package name. In fact there are a number packages from previous releases that didn’t have to be updated and still contain the release they came from.

    For example, here are some figures from my system with a fresh F9 install:

    $ rpm -qa | grep fc6 | wc -l
    $ rpm -qa | grep fc7 | wc -l
    $ rpm -qa | grep fc8 | wc -l
    $ rpm -qa | grep fc9 | wc -l

    Now I’m not saying you don’t have any lingering packages from F8… just that some of them might be fine.

  3. Yes, I know. To avoid removing of important fc8 packages, I ask to my colleague who have a fresh installation to give me a list of fc8 packages 🙂 and as you can see in my command, I didn’t use -y…it was crappy press y or n for 250 time…but this permit me to have maximum control 🙂

    by the way I know my solution was a bit dirty 🙂


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