Linux Tag {2/4}

We woke up at 7am (!!!) and we left Hotel at 8am; the night and breakfast help us to recover energy.
I had to stay in booth from 9 to 11 and from 15 to 17, so, In the other moments, I visited other stands: I played (again) with FlightGears and, a bit, with Freets on Fire and TeeWars (amazing game!!).

In the OpenSolaris stand I spoke with a MySQL guy about past rumours and the possibility to have closed source part inside MySQL; as far as I remember he said: “Is impossible to say. I can’t say yes, but… of course, I can’t say also no”.
We spoke about the OpenSolaris community: management, development model and other stuff. I think is quite similar to Fedora community (but, of course, fedora community is better 😉 ).

During this day me and other guys enjoyed to see problems about biometrics controllers; Marco Ziesing tried to set up finger recognition but it didn’t work only for him! (LOL).

Software require to pass your finger on the sensor for three times, to allow it to memorize information: for me and other guys after third time, the cursor return and all goes ok, but for him, after third time, the program crashed….and he won also a set of kernel ops.

These are two OLPC in the Fedora booth, it’s a nice computer:

In the evening we went to a social event, organized by Linux Tag; all ambassador who paid EMEA fee receive a bathrobe as a gift. All EMEA member at Linux tag decided to dress their bathrobe to go to social event: simply wonderful.

Social event was located in a strange but nice place, maybe an old farm: unlimited drinks and meals, music, people etc..

and…shadowman appeared  🙂

The place was divided into two main parts: inside the building there was a big table full of food, and a place to sing and dance, unfortunately the temperature was warm, so some people went in the outside part. The outside part was a small garden with some tables and a place where people grill meal for us.

Nice day and evening 😉


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