Byte-code MeetUp 2008 – Valsesia

Byte-code meet up is a nice event aim to aggregate all employers and consultants who often work directly to the customers. Is a mix of social and education event.

This year (6 and 7 June), the event was located in Valsesia, a nice place in Piemonte region, behind Alps Mountains. A beautifull place: Sesia torrent is in Italy one of the best place to do rafting!! πŸ™‚

Meet Up was divided into two main parts: the conferences part where some of us (me, Francesco, Simone, Luca, Marco, Davide, Raffaele and Antonio Leo, from Red Hat) did a talk about something we have developed, studied…or liked πŸ™‚

Me during my speech about my thesis application

Marco, Sergio and Marco πŸ™‚

Ready to speech

Dinner πŸ™‚

The most interesting and funny part was, in fact, rafting, Saturday afternoon, there was the best weather condition and the water river was nice: it was a wonderful experience…

Do you think that people may be information guys? It was *great*… I want to say thanks to the organizators….


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