What about symbolic?

It’s a long time I’m not writing about symbolic project.

Right now I’m not working on it (and on func :-/), because I’m on another -boring- project which take all my time.Marco Mornati opened a blog to continue a set of articles around symbolic.

Stay tuned, because a new symbolic release is coming soon 🙂


One thought on “What about symbolic?

  1. Working on “enterprise projects” is never easy: customers ask unlikely things with impossible timing, and you need to run to keep their faith. It (sometime) makes your life a terrible mess, but do you really prefer to manage small project, with 4 or 5 end users… with a poor infrastructure?

    I think enterprise world is very hard but really exciting: overtaking problems (usually not simple problems), improving processes and performances, reducing costs (not your cost, but “other” cost, of course…) are satisfying results of your work and your “mind”, that are visible for thousands of end-users 🙂

    Your (boring) project is near to the end (not the project but your involvement)… and Symbolic is near to be ready for a “real full time development process” in Byte-Code… so, you should be ready to jump back into symbolic again

    But Symbolic still remain (and will remain!) a fully opensource project (community based). Byte-Code can sponsor it, but it is open, and anyone can join without restrictions. Forever and ever. So I think you remain one of the “core” developers of Symbolic 😉

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