how to help Georgia

A friend of mine is trying to get money to help Georgia’s homeless people. He opened a webpage on his blog, and, throught paypal allow to donate money.

He has many contacts in Georgia and money he collect will be used to buy meal and relief goods.

If you are interersted to help, you can find link to official webpage here.


7 thoughts on “how to help Georgia

  1. Your friend should better to help homeless osetian people, whom suffered from georgian aggression.

    AFAIK (friend of my friend right now in Georgia, see his blog here with pics and texts in russian – ) destruction of civilian’s private property from russian airstrikes are minimal (if any) in contrast of devastated area of South ossetia with hundreds (or even thousands) murdered by georgian troops.

  2. Russians say georgian destroied everything; georgians say russians did the same. I have great friends who have always the smile on that are shocked as I couldn’t imagine to see them because of what they saw in Georgia: I do not think the people who lost friends, house and everything cares about “who did the most damages”.

    All the news lies: both georgians and ossetian civils are just victims and nobody of them wanted this war. Let’s try to forget who is the guilty and just do something to help who has been damaged by stupidity of the humans.

  3. Georgians almost wiped out Tshinvali from the earth during their aggression, and they were executing wounded peace makers. It seems to me that your friend would perhaps be better served by first learning about the reasons for the conflict, and then, after that, to help the people whom have truly been crushed in this conflict: the Ossetians.

  4. @Peter Lemenkov – Hey there. I live in Tbilisi and… All of the schools are full of people from Osetian villages and from Gori and other villages. Thousands… Approx. 20 000, if not more.

    Russian soldiers are still marauding in Georgian villages and cities.

    I hate war, I hate Politics, I hate Georgian Government for creating this nightmare for Georgians, Osetians and even Russians… I hate Russian Government for escalating the conflict.

    People who died and who are now alive but homeless need help. Both sides, no matter who did what, who started, who won and who lost.

    When people die, there is no right and wrong.

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