Linux day 2008 (Italy) final rush /1

After many months of planning, doing meetings with Italian ambassadors and contributors it’s time to act. Why only now? Because a lot of task were blocked by the Fedora 10 theme selection.

Linux day, will be in October 25th, and, right now will be held in about 77 cities. Next week will start the final rush.

It’s the first time Fedora is promoted in Italy; I don’t know how many people use Fedora and I know only one LUG (the LUG I belong to: LOLUG) which has more than 3 Fedora users.

There are more than 200 LUGS (both Linux User Groups and Free Software Lugs) in Italy but only about 20 of them have shown interest in Fedora. I’ve noticed that even if they don’t count Fedora users among their active members they see Fedora as a new (and fresh!) player in distribution’s universe.

By the way, I my humble opinion, in Italy, there are four LUG’s type:

  • LUG relatively new which mainly supports Ubuntu
  • LUG with old background, composed by veterans hackers which use old glorious distributions, like Slackware, Gentoo, Debian…etc..
  • LUG (IMHO) with a lot of contradictions because their members are old linux supporters but now  MAC OSX supporters (and they consider MAC as UNIX as Linux).
  • Other LUGs not present in the above types.

I repeat to avoid misunderstanding…this categorization is only my personal opinion.

Our main goal is to spread about fedora. We’ll provide (for free) to each LUGs interested:

Our second goal, is to find some people interested and maybe recruit new fedora Ambassadors.

What we wish to receive from people who collaborate with us?

  • a lot of photos
  • videos (if possible)
  • a report (which every ambassador must write)
  • few statistics data (which will be presented during FAD, in November) about:
    1. how many people attend local event
    2. how many key burned

You probably are asking yourself how the organization’s status is. We have made a lot of headway but there is a lot of work to do.

We have a lot of DVD taken from FUDCon Brno which are enough to send about 20 DVD for each LUG.
By the way, I think we must bet only on fedora USB station, but DVDs are needed to make known Fedora for this first time.

For fedora USB station, we have 2 weeks to close all the tasks, and then send it. I will give you a report about work progression soon.


4 thoughts on “Linux day 2008 (Italy) final rush /1

  1. Ok, good work, j’m not related to any lug and here near Genova it’s planned no manifestation for Linux Day, however i’m a fedora user and lover for both my dell laptop and my ppc ibook g4.
    If i can help anyhow let my know, in the limit of my time i’ll try.

  2. heya…I’m happy to know another fedora user 🙂

    If you want to join our italian community you can subscribe yourself to our mailing list… or you can find us on

    Hope to see you again 😉


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