Symbolic 1.2.0 released \o/

Hey folks, after a lot of (hard) work and time, Symbolic 1.2.0 has finally been released πŸ™‚
You can download it here.

There is a lot of improvements and new features, in particular we simplify installation and configuration, and delay our release to moving the application server container from jetty (shipped with grails) to a customized tomcat5 instance.

New features and fix:

  • Completed opensymbolic XML-RPC server functions
  • Completed Scripts execution
  • Added Kerberos Authentication
  • Database personalization moved in configuration file
  • RPMS Spec Changed
  • Application server container switched to Tomcat
  • Moving on OpenJDK as default JVM
  • Create a Plugin Management Execution
  • Multi Thread Symbolic Engine
  • Created Grails Plugin (Func Grails Plugin) to integrate Func Communication
  • Solved some minor bug fixes
  • Migration to fedorahosted
  • Updating documentation

We need tester, if you are interested to give feedback to us, you are welcome πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Symbolic 1.2.0 released \o/

  1. Eheh… yes should be cool to make installation using yum. But I think you have to “sponsor” us to put our rpm on fedora repos!! πŸ™‚

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