“Fedora KIT” is near to be shipped

Posters (infinitive, freedom, voice and “fedora usb station” poster) and Fedora 9 DVDs are ready.

My PIII is right now finishing a lot of tests on “Fedora KIT” DVD.

Thanks to Lorenzo Villani who made the creation script. The “Fedora KIT” DVD basically contains a bootable Fedora with GNOME/KDE, the necessary tools to push Fedora on USB sticks (liveusb-tools and livecd-creator) and 4 live ISOs: fedora 9 kde, fedora 9 gnome, fedora 10 beta kde and fedora 10 gnome (thanks to my crazy-dirty-omgwtf patch to livecd-creator).

By the way, I’m a bit disappointed about LUGs, because when we asked who was interested to support fedora and receive a FREE (as free beer) box with gadget, more than 20 people answered (and we based our orders on that number), but now, we asked the mailing address to send gadget (and a implicit further confirmation), only 14 LUGS answered.  This means that the others were not so interested.

As I told to Max, I will bring to Fedora Ambassador Day all the remains material and I will give to everybody is interested to 😉

I have to say thanks to Lucia and Anna (my byte-code colleagues) for help me to manage orders and prices.


3 thoughts on ““Fedora KIT” is near to be shipped

  1. Will this KIT ever be sold by the fedoraproject ?

    I think fedora needs something where we can buy some stuff, like official DVD, Live-CD, etc

    A fedora-KIT each 6 months (for each release) would be a great thing ! (something like a fedora-DVD, two Live-CD, 2 stickers and a poster)
    Is this planed, or will this never happen ?

    I sure would buy this KIT each 6 months !

    “when we asked who was interested to support fedora and receive a FREE (as free beer) box with gadget […]”

    I would like not only receive a FREE (as beer) box with gadget, but I would BUY it (for a reasonable amout of money) if it were possible !

    Where can I have more information about this ? 🙂
    (sorry for my bad english)

  2. dear louiz, right now there is no plan to sell the “fedora KIT”.
    We created it just for the Italian Linux day, as fedora promotional stuff, but if you want, you can build it by your own, there is not yet a wiki page, but, after linux day I’ll create it.

    The page will contain the necessary material to build it, artwork, posters, DVD builders, and so on…

    Are you coming to FAD EMEA in November?

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