Random thoughts about FAD EMEA


Basel is a very nice location, I didn’t expect to find a so beautiful city. It was a great choose.

Organization was perfect. I want to say a great “Thank you” to Sandro for his brilliant and complete management. His also included a tour (with a skilled guide, Riccardo, if I don”t remember bad) in Basel and a visit to the botanic garden.

I really enjoined this meeting and I hope to participate again, and more actively, next year.


Linux tag planning was the main topic, on Saturday morning. There were a lot of points: budget was the most discussed one. Last year, Linux Tag had about 20K$ of budged, which will probably reduce a bit next year, maybe booking a less expensive hotel, reducing the booth dimension and move FUDCon in a separate place/time.

I’m the ones who vote to separate FUDCon from LinuxTAG because are two different events, and as far as I remember last year there weren’t many attenders, probably because is an internal event. I’d like to partecipate to FADCon in Stuttgard.

Linux Day

Here my presentation about our result on Linux Day. Nothing more to say, you can find my reports here, here, here and here.

About contributors

I don’t think we should point to “get $number contributor(s)” philosophy, we just spread Fedora as much as possible and try to let Fedora known to a larger number of people. After this, it will be automatic that we will find other contributors.

The first step is the more time consuming and hard to do, because to get at least one new contributor you have to talk to at least hundred people, after that the work became less difficult.

Random photos

Thanks to Francesco Crippa’s set, I forgot my camera at home 😥

A lot of compressed and amused geeks.

Joerg, Fabian, Felix, Jeroen (from left to right)

Italian “delegation” (me, Francesco Ugolini e Gianluca Varisco) 😛


Francesco Ugolini

Francesco Ugolini 🙂


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