Fedora 10 release party

Big sorry for late…but, you know, procrastination may be dangerous…

By the way, the release party goes well. To be honest, I’m not really satisfied about it because there wasn’t so much people (only ~25) although the place was simple to reach and the meal was good and free.

We lack a bit with announcement coordination, which was posted only few days before event, as a owner of this event, I’m not happy with my work, I don’t know…I think I made a lot of mistakes to coordinate people and calculate deadlines.

During the event Gianluca Varisco made an informal presentation about Fedora 10; I did a presentation, but without slides: I presented 2 new fedora people: Alexjan Carraturo and Stefano Cavallari. Alexjan Carraturo is new to Fedora but very motivated, he joined to Fedora Ambassador group in December; Stefano Cavallari is, right now, a contributor (afaik in Fedora Bug Triaging, but I’m not sure) but he planned to became an Ambassador in 2009.

Fedora got two new quality people.


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