F-spot on Fedora 10

It’s about a month that f-spot is in version 0.4.4 on fedora 10. This should not a problem, but f-spot 0.4.4 has know bugs and is not usable.

I opened a ticket asking to update it about 20 days ago, today I submitted my quick and dirty review request 🙂

If you want to use it, here my self-made RPMs (only for x86_64, if you need 32 bit version you can rebuild it):
<removed links>

Update 29/12/2008@22:09 As noticed in comments, You can try to install f-spot 0.5 also from rawhide that, if don’t try to install the ‘-f11 world’ should be better than my rpms.

Update 06/01/2008@10:38 F-spot landing on fedora testing repository, to install it, just use

yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install f-spot


8 thoughts on “F-spot on Fedora 10

  1. 0.5.x is already in rawhide, you can request the maintainer update the F10 version and issue an update.

  2. I opened a bug, I try to contact mantainer through IRC…and not only.

    I do not only ask for an update…I asked for an update and gave my collaboration.

    now I’m tired.

  3. Thank you for the package! using the stock F10 f-spot is a nightmare!

    By the way, I’ve a bug report for you:intltool is missing from the build dependencies!

    Bye, F.

  4. @Federico: uhm, You mean I have to add intltool Required for build? or for install?

    (from tomorrow to 6 january I’ll be in vacation, so I’ll take care of it 7 january)

    @All: Some people notice me that f-spot 0.5 is in rawhide…

  5. Just about to update to in F-10. Committed the changes to cvs just a few minutes ago, hope to have packages out to F-10 stable within the week.

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