Your $distribution random-short-story (a chain letter :P)

I know. A lot of people don’t like chain letter, this is time is different: I want to try to use it in useful way.

I wish to know a bit more all people who I see every day in IRC and sometimes during meetings. More and more time I asked myself questions like “which distribution $person used before now?”, “what is he story?”. I love to know your Linux stories. So here we are 🙂

This post was made for Fedora people but I generalized it 🙂

!) Which was your Linux distribution story?

My first distribution was Mandriva 7.2 started about in 2000/2001, then I switched to Redhat 7 (If I don’t remember bad). Both of those didn’t work fine, so I found my first-really-cool distribution in Slackware 7. I used Slackware for three releases (7, 8, 9), during this time, I returned to Windows two or three times.  The needed of a package manager switch me to Debian 3. I used Debian for 1 year and half then, when I got a new Desktop I tried Ubuntu, but it was a really epic fail. Finally I switched to Fedora 5 and I felt good. Then I use Fedora.

2) What is your preferred $your_distribution version? (by default $your_distribution is Fedora :))

Fedora 8 Werewolf

3) Write a short story (more like and anecdote) about your past distribution.

I feelt the sensation doing a ‘rm -rf /’ (fortunately my /home directory was on another partition and that saved it).

I send this chain letter to: Paul Frields, Max Spevak, Francesco Crippa, Francesco Ugolini, Gianluca Varisco, Gianluca Sforna, Marco Palazzotti, Joerg Simon, Michael DeHaan, Marco Mornati, Luca Botti, Adrian Likins, Alejandro Acosta, Fabian Affolter, Lorenzo Villani, Davide Panelli, Jeroen van Meeuwen, Daniele Segato


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