I’m dojoing, you dojoing, he dojoing…

I hate write javascript & C since I saw what kind of damage they are able to cause. Basically I don’t think that is bad to put some controls into the page, but people usually abuse and you have to patch application where businnes model is splitted on web pages and backend. Usually without reasons. What a mess.

Two weeks ago I started to learning and using Dojo for an important and critical project, today I changed my mind, I don’t think javascript is so bad, it doesn’t give me confidence, but with Dojo you have a set of components homogeneus, simple, amazing that do work for you.

The best feature is that Dojo is compatible with the most important browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari), so you can  save the famous 90% of your time, which is usually spent to make a web interface working on IE and vice versa.

I really like it..


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