I’m going to move to Holland!!

\o/ \o/

I haven’t written yet about this news, but now I’m finally doing it! I’m a little bit superstitious 🙂 I have waited until official confirmation because this is a thing I really care of.
I’m going to move to Holland, in particular to The Hague, to work in a big and innovative project.

I’m so excited and motivated about it: the project will be development using Agile techniques (wo wo wo .-)) and this is a huge opportunity to grow, to meet skilled people and, last but not least, to leave Italy (despite this, I’m leaving part of my heart and my friends there).

By the way, I’ll start to work in this new project on June 15th. Right now I need two things: a flat and a bike 🙂

About apartment I have some requests for you, my readers (if you are from Holland): If you live in The Hague and nearby (Delft, Voorburg, Pijnager, etc.) and you have suggestion for renting apartment, just a medium flat with at least two bedrooms (for two people) don’t hesitate to contact me by mail, comments, and so on ;-).
I have already took a look on some Dutch websites like funda.nl, www.pararius.nl, www.perfecthousing.com, but a direct contact would be better.

I’m happy and I want to begin as soon as possible. That all 🙂

Stay tuned, I’m going to break the last period silence (facebook is changing our habits, but I’ll fight against it) with some new articles, and news.


8 thoughts on “hhhHHHhhholland!!!

  1. I fixed it 😉 Thank you to remind me.

    I wrote this post on train and I didn’t remember how to write that city names, so I wrote something approximative with the idea of fixing it before pasting on wordpress…of course I forgot it 😉

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