MemoByte 2009 – Mantova

MemoByte 2009 is an event organized by ARCO no profit organization and is focuses on both Computer and Electronic technologies. Basically is divided into two areas: an area like a market of old and new electronic devices (Radio, old computers, transistors, and so on) and an area dedicated to Computer groups and organizations like LUGMan (Mantova’s LUG), Fedoraproject, LUG Parma, and so on.

I brought with me two good ambassadors: Gianluca Varisco and Alexjan Carraturo. Really good choice! We had to travel a lot of kilometres from Milan to Verona and then down to Mantova but thanks to them, the travel was funniest and interesting (particularly funny when Gianluca and Alex discussed about ADSL vs Optical fiber).

The worthy part was our ability and opportunity to plan a lot of things about Fedora-it and fedora ambassador groups.

We brought some Fedora 10 CDs, some Fedora FEL ISOs and a lot of stickers left from FOSDEM (Thanks to Gerold who gave me) and two OLPC (which is always a star).

We met a lot of people that needs information about Linux, Fedora and Opensource software. And we come back with the opportunity of organize a big and (maybe) international event in January 2010 (stay tuned).

Mantova is a good place for fedora to grown, organizators asked me about Linux Day (in october) and the possibility to have gadgets: they are fantastic supporters and we must to invest in that area as much as we can.


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