A couple of days ago I decided that this blog has to survive.

Today I went to Haarlem, a small city near Amsterdam, where live a lot of people that works in Amsterdam. Haarlem is like a suburb. Beautiful suburb.

I got the train from Den Haag Centraal station and it’s curious the direct train take 15 minutes more than a train with 1 change (the train I got).

I went there only few hours, I had a walk in the city center, I visited the Teylers museum but I couldn’t visit the Frans Hals museum as well because was too late.
One of the symbol of this city is the Molen de Adriaan, really dutch! 😀

Really nice city! 🙂

Here now a couple of photos I took. The light wasn’t nice. Too cloudy, but fortunately in a couple of photos there was a light sunshine.






2 thoughts on “Haarlem

  1. Haarlem is not a small city nor is it a suburb, it is much older than Amsterdam, Amsterdam was still a swamp when Haarlem was already flourishing. All the Dutch stamps are made in this city and so are the European banknotes. It also has a lively cultural and culinary scene. And, as you have seen a lot of meseums….but it is not small and certainly not a suburb. We have our own suburbs, they are called Bloemendaal and Overveen.

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