Giro del ring. Don’t do it!!!

Despite my blog is fully covered of crappy nerdy technology, this article is something different. The first title for this article was Laura B “for dummies”.

Main goal of this article (whichi is only the first of the many advices you might have) is just avoid you weird episodes you might have if you travel/hang out/whatever with Laura Bull (I will use her name just to preserve her your privacy).

Here what happens in Vienna (from one of our traveler, me):
A couple of time happens also that we got trapped of the famous (in all over the world) “giro del ring” (ring’s tour) from Laura B (I don’t put the whole name to preserve her privacy, otherwise people will start asking her to have it)…
The procedure is basically simple, Laura, which is most of the time sleeping, jump up and say “let’s do the ring’s tour”, and you say “ok, but which tram should we catch”, before you finish the sentence, she’s already on the first one (which is the only one that go in the opposite or a completely wrong direction :D)…
When you realize your error…it just too late.

So rule number one: never follow her…The idea to go in a city that hasn’t a ring, is not valid. She can do it even without a Ring. Be careful.

Next lesson, sooner or later (about cruise expedition or trips)…


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