Gr8Conf – Copenaghen

Gr8Conf is a conference headed in Copenaghen about gr8 technologies: groovy, grails, griffon, gradle and so on. The conference is organized by Javagruppen, the Danish Java User Group.

Nothing particular to say about the conference, everything was prepared very well and the overall quality was high. Behind the scene a lot of VIP and Stars in the Groovy panorama.

I was there because interested to this technologies but in particular because the Keynote presented a success story on Groovy and the enterprise, basically Philippe Delebarre and Raffaele Cigni gave a talk about wat was done at the European Patent Office.
Summarizing, after two failing tentatives: the first using an existing proprietary product and the second with opensource ESB, the project found in Groovy a very good candidate for the success; in addition, the keys were: strong separation between businnes and development, adopting of agile methodologies (SCRUM and XP), contributed for the success.

The conference at the end went very well, it was nice to meet a lot of people interested in this cool technologies and we had also the opportunity to have 4 hours of hacking in order to contribute to one of this projects.

At the end I went home with some new ideas and new starting point, where I can start working on 🙂 see you next year


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