Meetup 2010

Meetup 2010 – Interlaken, Switzerland. Probably, one of the best Meetup (or at least the same level of the 2008’s one). Location was a bit far away this time, we went to Interlaken, Switzerland and was chosen because of the exciting activity planned on Sunday: canyoing!

But canyoing wasn’t the only news in this Meetup.

We had a full day of talks and speeches about various interesting topics: profiling, mobile, agile and so on, two “Free beer” evenings, a BBQ on a boat on Saturday night. Simply amazing!

The talks sessions seemed quick, interesting and not heavy. We had also lightning speeches about funny stories happened with customers (unfortunately I cannot mention anything 😛 but, trust me, it was really funny!). I came home with some new ideas and new starting point for new though.

During the evening there was a free beer for every participant to Hooters, and we’ve got double hangovers. My suggestion, that came Friday when was too late was: “Next year we shouldn’t have ‘free beer’ it on Friday”.

Saturday evening we had a beautiful BBQ on a boat, we also risked to miss it because we went initially to the wrong lake (grasse risate) but we fixed the mistake by catching a train in time and go to the correct location! 🙂 The weather was pretty good, we had a very nice view of the lake and the mountains; the sunset was amazing: a bit yellow, orange and surrounded by blue.

Sunday was the “exciting activity day”: canyoing. We walked down a torrent surrounded by high rocks and sometimes entered in small canyons. We jump in the water, climb rocks, got wet in the freezing mountain water. Simply fantastic!

Next year… canyoing level 2? or parachuting? Who knows?

Here you can find all my photos.


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