Backup + Amazon S3 = Love

It’s about one year ago that I started thinking a new way to manage, think and perform backups. After wasting money in hard drivers USB and useless network sharing devices, I decided to open a new account of Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service).

If I have to describe in three worlds my first impressions, I would say: easy, cheap, clear.
because you need 10 minutes to open a new account, cheap because to the rate are low for a personal home needs (you might spend a lot if you have to move lot of data, like 100/1000 Gb), clear because the documentation is well done and is also possible to have a prediction of how much you are going to spend per month.

I’ve been using it since April, I’ve also found a nice backup software that support as destination location Amazon, already installed and integrated in GNOME: Déja dup. I made a backup few time only, moving from 40 to 60 Gb and getting a bill around 0.35€.
From May I will schedule weekly jobs and I will give you an update of how much I’m going to spend.

With Déja dup is possible, using GNOME, to retrieve the version of that file based on the date.


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