Gnome 3 first impression

I’m finally able to write a first impression post about Gnome 3. As user I’m quite satisfied, I don’t look back the old interface, after around a month. I must admit, so far, I didn’t do fancy or heavy stuffs, but just some home usage, like reading email, websurfing, some light coding.

The new interface appear quite fancy and honestly smell like Mac OSX; sometimes I have the impression that I cannot use shortcuts for everything. After long usage, I also experiences huge memory leak, inthe scale of Gb, but I’m sure is a known bug and is due the jungest age of the whole product.

I like the new approach below the whole GUI, in particular:

  • the alt+tab is switching between all the application on any workspace, avoid you to find the application along the workspaces
  • the policy to remove empty workspaces, it helps to clean up the desktop and to have an additional workspace only when is really needed
  • the possibility to dimension an application to use only half of the screen (but in this case I don’t know how to use the shortcut, but the mouse)
  • the silent and integrated way the  notifications are shown for conversation and applications

I still haven’t understood

  • why the title bar of the applications that so huge! It use a relevant part of the screen
  • why the VOIP and instant messaging account are not connected automatically but I need to use empathy with the conseguence to have two application that do the same function and the chat windows are even not syncronized! – Probably a bug

Gnome 3 is a fundamental step for GNOME to follow the desktop and the usability evolution; the way people interact with interfaces is changing day by day, moreover now, towards new mobile and new pad devices.

I like it!


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