A foreigner in The Netherlands (1)

This post is the first of a series where I will describe and comment the lifestyle, the culture up here in The Netherlands.

Now is the right moment to start writing.

Why now and not anytime before?

Living¹ in a foreign country is always harder than living in your own country. The whole period is composed by alternate phases: positive and negative. In the initial phase the enthusiasm, the discover of “the new” (place, culture) can be fascinating and show everything in a positive and amazing way. Afterwards is coming an opposite phase, where you don’t feel at home, you don’t feel accepted and you miss your own country, sometimes after bad days or bad experiences.

These phases are like sinusoidal, with a parabolic semi-circle up and down; while at the beginning the parabolic is higher and long in time; with years it becomes lower and stabilize in a way that the average point is located above or below the zero, depending of your feeling about the country.

Right now I feel I can write good, bad and funny things about The Netherlands with a decent fair point of view. I cannot assure to make everybody happy but as always I won’t mind to change or adjust my ideas 😉

¹ excluding Erasmus


2 thoughts on “A foreigner in The Netherlands (1)

  1. Well, I am very curious what you’re going to write about Holland… 🙂 Keep it friendly! Ha ha…

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