Fedora 16 – the worst of the worst

Fedora 16 has reach the bottom, is the worst version of this distribution I ever had. I hadn’t wasted so much time to get a system that is not working, keeping the same status. I’m so frustrated that I can barely avoid to throw the laptop out of the window…

One thing is sure. This will be my last Linux Fedora.


5 thoughts on “Fedora 16 – the worst of the worst

  1. Incredible, we all have the same problem! I past an our to fix a bug with the boot partition: after installation my desktop didn’t boot using the hd!! :S and even looking on Internet (I discovered that it was a knowing bug since alpha version) I didn’t find a proper solution… Just on the IRC channel they guide me to the solution. That’s the reason why I decided I don’t want to install fedora 16 on my laptop too.

  2. was yor fedora 16 experience so bad? really?

    it surely has its issues (mainly because the switch to grub2, for what I’m cocerned) but it doesn’t look so dramatically bad to me. (I’ve got it on 2 notebook so far. Haven’t yet upgraded the other machines)

    anyway, every distro has its own dark spots on some hardware 😀

  3. My workstation has been destroyed cause of Fedora 16. Gnome 3 is a joke. Grub 2 is a headache and nothing works right.. Configuration is a nightmare and doesn’t work half the time. There is no right click on the desktop and you have no control over the runlevel. If every new version of Fedora is going to be like this to where you have no choice on installation, then I’ll just stick with Fedora 14 and XP or even Vista.. I’m going to have to spend a week or more recovering the data from my drive before formatting and installing Fedora 14 back on it. If I paid for Fedora 16, I would be suing Red Hat right now. We Want a Linux Gnome 2 Desktop not a windows 7/8 desktop. What the hell was Red Hat thinking when they put this crap out?

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