Netherlands cannot survive to 10 cm of snow

Netherlands cannot survive to 10 cm of snow

I believe Netherlands is an efficient country, at least compared with Italy: paper communications are limited, appointment can be booked via web, information are straightforward, less bureaucracy, etc…

When we talk about snow… that’s another movie. In two words: complete mess. Yesterday snow only 10 cm that was, by the way expected and I was assisting at the apocalypse.

I can understand that train can run with less frequency, but do you think is normal that Amsterdam airport is cut out of the train line for hours? Or that train or planes are not departing because the driver got stuck in the traffic?

we are still talking about 10 cm of expected snow

Moreover as nobody swept the streets or to spread salt, on the streets there is a thick layer of compressed snow that, for the low temperature, is now transformed a block of ice.

As this is the third year in a row that in winter there is snow, I would have expected some constant improvements year by year to avoid disruptions.

Thanks god I was neither flying nor traveling 🙂


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