changes, after all…

There are people that are labeled incoherents because they are changing their opinion. I’m one of them. I believe that sooner or later, everybody have to change opionion, because fact and assumption that in the past were seen in a way, are changing. This is what I call growing. 

Well, after 12 years with Linux, is time to change …  

Let’s be frankly. What I could give I given, what I could get, I got. This is the past. In so many years none of the market offers are satisfying me. Neither Fedora, so far a wretched, failed project which is just playground of Red Hat (yes, that company that claimed to have passed 1 billion $), nor Ubuntu, which hopefully will be the Linux distribution and the only one, that people will use.

This story of the distribution remember me one citation from the TV serie Lost: Die alone, live together when they were talking about stay together trying to survive. Well, at the end the distributions are slowly dying one by one … 

Is time to change. 


4 thoughts on “changes, after all…

  1. curious: I’ve started with Linux at about the same time of you (12 years ago) and me too started to feel the need to change some months ago.

    maybe it’s a “12 years crisis” ? 🙂

    May I ask what your next OS of choice is going to be?

  2. At the moment I think MacOSx is the best you can have on your desktop (or notebook). The problem, even if Linux today works better than first versions I tested, is that sometimes you need to spend hours just to correctly install and configure new hardware. Right now, with Mac, I just plug my hardware and all work 😉
    But, windows 7? No thanks. I recently use it on some project and, even if it’s more stable than all other windows I’ve ever tested, I don’t like windows because I always need an antivirus, a firewall, and I don’t know where a new program install files and create keys in the registry!

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