Max OSX: Switch between windows on the same application

Well, the truth is that I’m getting crazy with Max OSX’s shortcut. I honestly miss the underestimated button home/end and pageUp/pageDown.

The funny thing is that everybody claim that Mac OSX has good usability grade, but most of the time, when I was asking a question like:

  • what is the shortcut for the home/end in the terminal
  • what is the shortcut to move word by word in the terminal
  • what is the shortcut to do $functionX

I got answer, but mostly the answer was something like: 

  • I don’t use that function
  • I don’t know, I use the mouse
  • You don’t need that… don’t use it
  • uh?

Anyway, after some time trying to solve this mystery I finally found out that how to switch between two windows belonging on the same application: 

  • Command + ‘ = Switch between windows on the same application
  • Command + ` = Switch between windows of finder 

Personally, I would have preferred to have them inverted, because the ` is above the tab and is easy to reach than the other one (which is on the other side of the keyboard, for US key tabs), It will take another month to understand how to remap it 🙂 

But ok, a short step ahead and no step backward 🙂


5 thoughts on “Max OSX: Switch between windows on the same application

  1. I agree with the shortcuts issue, although in a while you will get used:

    1) ctrl a / ctrl e
    2) option ← / option →
    3) google 🙂

    However, I think I started to love the fact that you can scroll between different apps or within the same app.

  2. Anyway there are still open questions:
    1) how can I, in the terminal, delete the whole word before the cursor?
    2) where is the cancel button? what is the shortcut in the shell?

  3. 1) Never used that, also in other OS… so not sure.
    2) If with “cancel” you mean the “delete” famous in windows together with ctrl-alf, that’s fn-backspace. The interesting thing is that, if you plug a full-size Apple keyboard, which HAS the delete button, it does not always work. 😀

  4. i just found this out last week myself…. just by “accidentally” hit the key above the tab, trying to switch apps…. then i switched chrome windows and i was like YESSSS!!!! nice post previous to this one.
    thats y i really came here.

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