Day #4: moving to the wild land

Today we plan to fly from Auckland to Nelson, the idea is to move to the south island before the weather is getting too cold, and visit the north island later. The flight was nothing special, just the plane was a bit different.


After the flight of about 1 hour, we picked up the car and we drove East in direction Havelock and Picton, we wandered around, astonished by the landscape, and we ended up in a campsite on the Northern Fiords, near the Queen Charlotte Drive and Queen Charlotte Track.

It was hard not to stop every 10 minutes, to take pictures of the fiords: the mountains and the sea chaining together in that peace.

In the middle of nowhere, among the northern fiords, peace and wildness were dominating the scene. For only 6$ we could sleep near a beautiful lake on a soft grass ground.


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