Ancient Oahu by Krishan Bansal
For the best viewing experience turn on full HD and full volume.

This is personal timelapse project I shot over a period of 19 days on the Hawaiian island of Oahu . I have always been fascinated by the diversity and natural wonders of this tiny island in the Pacific ever since I was child. I have explored Oahu for many years and finally decided to make a timelapse film depicting the beauty of it. From lush green jungles to dry volcanic mountains to scenic beaches Oahu’s scope and natural wonders are nearly unparalleled by anything else. I spent many hours hiking through harsh environments and hard to reach places to capture these shots. On the technical side I shot these sequences on various Canon L series lenses and DSLRs in 5K resolution. The motion control equipment and slider I used was all from the fantastic folks over at KesslerCrane (I used the PocketDolly and Basic Controller). I have nothing, but good things to say about them and their gear. The equipment held up amazingly even when drenched in rain, covered in mud, or buried in sand. I have many more clips that I shot that I here, but to keep the piece brief I decided not to include them, one day I will share them though. It was a fantastic experience shooting on Oahu and I look forward to going back and creating more soon. The music is Nathan Wu’s great orchestral version of Yiruma’s “River Flows in You”:

Thanks to:

My parents and family for being so incredibly supportive while making this film.

All the other timelapse cinematographer who inspire me on a daily basis to go out and create things.

KesslerCrane and Canon for making awesome and reliable gear.


Motion Control:

My Photos:


Nathan Wu:

from Krishan Bansal on Vimeo


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