The heart of Harlem – NYC

Today we are still under jet lag. In the morning we woke up at 6am and we went out to explore the district of Harlem. A lot of people does’to know (this district is not touristic at all), but it offers picturesque streets and an atmosphere that brought us back in the 90s.

We had no clear plan, firstly find a place where to have breakfast. If you are used to the Dutch habits in commerce and services, New York is definitely going to surprise you.
Sunday morning, at 8am, we’ve found a nice brasserie in the Spanish/Mexican area, and we’ve ordered a ordinary high calories American typical food: eggs, bacon, cheese with coffee all you can drink.
We took the opportunity to spend another hour waking around between Amsterdam avenue and st Nicholas avenue, in one of the perpendicular street we’ve found a cemetery in pure British style with well cut grass and squirrel running around freely with no fear of humans.
Just around the corner an authentic church took our attention, as the service was starting just when we passed by, we’ve join it. It was an interesting experience, because it never happens to me the opportunity to see different religion approaches. I’m not a believer but I think the energy and the passion those people put in their songs, worship and thought are definitely to be seen.
The overall impression was positive, the church was equipped with big screens where lyrics of songs were displayed during the service.
On the other hand seeing a priest with an iPad and a smartphone it was out of the ordinary. I’ve seen them using it during the service, it was not clear for what, maybe they were updating the Facebook page of the church (everything here have a facebook page!), or they were just chatting. It was funny, I definitely recommend this experience as must see in New York.


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