Between history and present

Today, we had an intensive walking day: Wall Street, the Statue of the Liberty, Grand Central station, the New York public library, the 5th avenue and the high line.

Wall Street was desert, we arrived at 9am and most of the business was already on the way inside the stock market.

To visit the Statue of the Liberty we took the ferry to Staten Island, that pass just in front of it and give you the big picture of the whole city, this ferry is running 24/7 and can be taken even in the night.20130925-083943.jpg

The sunny was shine on the skyscrapers and it was wonderful to see manhattan from the other side of the river. The wind was blowing and it was quite cold despite the sun.
Grand Central was like a copy of Milan central station but with fake walls. Being in a country which based his transportations and communications on car and petrol, is hard to feel good and inspired in a train station.

Said that, when my memories goes back to the public library, I think it was a remarkable experience. Books are always our best friends and mentors, they teach us, provoke us, they are our best way to think.

The 5th avenue is just a shopping addicted street, except being surrounded by tall buildings I didn’t feel anything but mess.


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