Valentine’s day

Fuck Valentine’s Day!


I love you every day.


yep, at the end…I lost

…after a lot of time without it…I returned on facebook. I think is too much useful, and confortable to keep in touch, expecially with people I meet rarely.. friends lock-in!!

I improved as much as possible my privacy policy and…I hope it will be enough.

See you there.

bye bye Facebook

Yes. I did it.

Hi Luca,

We have deleted your profile information and removed your email address from our login database. Let me know if you have further questions.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

User Operations

You can’t delete your Facebook account without sending a precise email to, using the settings panel, you can only disable your account (so your contact network continue to work).

The reason to this decision is similar to some time ago, when I deleted my Gmail account. It was a difficult decision because, I admit. Gmail is the best email interface/provider never created: fast, simple, usable, etc..
Facebook is an useless (read  “you can stay without it”; IMHO without mail is a bit hard) social networking to keep in touch with your friends (this is the useful part), but with a lot of application like “how hot are you?”, “what $adjective are you?”, “bla bla bla bla”…

IMHO Facebook is becaming too much invasive in my life, although you can set privacy policy, I don’t trust it.

I know…I’m a bit paranoid 😉

About social networking, I’ll keep my linkedin profile, which is less general and with precise purposes. 😉