What time is it?


Since when we arrived to Morocco I had the strange feeling I of not having any idea of what time really was.
Normally I relay on the automatic tuning made by my phone on the local time zone.
Unfortunately, about a month ago, the king of Morocco decided to not change the time back to the winter time.
People were arriving either one hour early or one hour later, depending on what did you understand about the time changed 🙂
The first day, thinking it was 6pm we were about to go for a stroll in the nearby town, when one guy of the surf camp stopped us saying that it was actually 19 and soon dinner was served.
After that I just kept calculating the time by adding one hour (or it was subtracting? Can’t remember), and I kind get used to it.

Until today.

This morning the king of Morocco announced at the radio (at 3am in the morning) that time was going to change to winter time.
Everybody manages to get up one hour later and only who had the right time, arrived in late.

Now I tend to avoid taking about time. And is pretty cool.


iPhone 5? also not …

iPhone 4S

The bigger thing happens to 

iPhone since iPhone 5

Something to read:

Update 14/10/2012@23:25: Using apple maps make me feel stuck. I cannot plan an itinerary from Milan to Cervinia (famous town in North-Italy famous for the skiing tourism), because… it doesn’t find it! WTF!


Also Netherlands has his own Umberto Bossi to be ashame of…

Problems with Poles? Report them to us, says new PVV website

Netherlands is a high quality and rich country but is not perfect, despite some people think the opposite.

The link I’m sharing is half way between disgusting and funny. Seems the way of thinking of some politicians of Lega Nord like Bossi or Borghezio.

Unfortunately we cannot blame always the politician, because they are the reflection of people’s thinking. Discrimination against polish is not unknown, I’ve been witness of a discrimination while entering in a club. The doorman answer a friend of mine where he was coming from and, when he heard the answer, escort us on the way out.

Hope that Geert Wilders will be send back where he popped out.

A foreigner in The Netherlands (3): Moving to a new apartment

I recently – 1 week ago – changed apartment.

I moved from a noisy shared big apartment in the center (Den Haag, near Het Plein) to a smaller studio just 10 minutes by bike from the center. This is the first time I move and I hope it will be the last.

I didn’t pay a moving company as I have only few furnitures, but the few things I have were enough to get me crazy. I live in the third floor and there is no elevator.

The good thing is that I heavily use my bike to carry stuffs, sometimes in a weird way 🙂

Moving by bike

I cannot imagine the poor guys that are going to deliver the washing machine.

Update 23/06/2011@14:20: I’ve added just a couple of pictures more

Moving by bike (2)

Moving by bike (3)