Gnome 3 first impression

I’m finally able to write a first impression post about Gnome 3. As user I’m quite satisfied, I don’t look back the old interface, after around a month. I must admit, so far, I didn’t do fancy or heavy stuffs, but just some home usage, like reading email, websurfing, some light coding.

The new interface appear quite fancy and honestly smell like Mac OSX; sometimes I have the impression that I cannot use shortcuts for everything. After long usage, I also experiences huge memory leak, inthe scale of Gb, but I’m sure is a known bug and is due the jungest age of the whole product.

I like the new approach below the whole GUI, in particular:

  • the alt+tab is switching between all the application on any workspace, avoid you to find the application along the workspaces
  • the policy to remove empty workspaces, it helps to clean up the desktop and to have an additional workspace only when is really needed
  • the possibility to dimension an application to use only half of the screen (but in this case I don’t know how to use the shortcut, but the mouse)
  • the silent and integrated way the  notifications are shown for conversation and applications

I still haven’t understood

  • why the title bar of the applications that so huge! It use a relevant part of the screen
  • why the VOIP and instant messaging account are not connected automatically but I need to use empathy with the conseguence to have two application that do the same function and the chat windows are even not syncronized! – Probably a bug

Gnome 3 is a fundamental step for GNOME to follow the desktop and the usability evolution; the way people interact with interfaces is changing day by day, moreover now, towards new mobile and new pad devices.

I like it!


Backup + Amazon S3 = Love

It’s about one year ago that I started thinking a new way to manage, think and perform backups. After wasting money in hard drivers USB and useless network sharing devices, I decided to open a new account of Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service).

If I have to describe in three worlds my first impressions, I would say: easy, cheap, clear.
because you need 10 minutes to open a new account, cheap because to the rate are low for a personal home needs (you might spend a lot if you have to move lot of data, like 100/1000 Gb), clear because the documentation is well done and is also possible to have a prediction of how much you are going to spend per month.

I’ve been using it since April, I’ve also found a nice backup software that support as destination location Amazon, already installed and integrated in GNOME: Déja dup. I made a backup few time only, moving from 40 to 60 Gb and getting a bill around 0.35€.
From May I will schedule weekly jobs and I will give you an update of how much I’m going to spend.

With Déja dup is possible, using GNOME, to retrieve the version of that file based on the date.

IT’s an hard world….

I was looking for new information about Evolution planning and I found a IRC chat meeting of evolution team here.

The good news is that we will be a 2.24.5 release on February 25th, the bad (or sad, as you prefer) news is that Novell team will be reduced (about an half).

This is not encouraging me to continue to use it because the quality may be reduced without so many full-time developers. I’ll stay tuned and you too. 😉

WTF! I need a new web browser!!!!

Today my computer’s browsers played thermonuclear war. I’m frustrating!

Firefox 3

Firefox is the most famous web browser on Linux system. IMHO is almost too weight and too much unstable. Mozilla Foundation seems Ubuntu: great and effective marketing (made by a company) but poor development. It’s a great vaporware.

I got any type of problems with Firefox 3 on my Fedora 9 (my user configuration files was upgraded from Firefox 2):

  • 100% cpu occupation on (resolved simply deleting ~/.mozilla. but, WTF why I have to lost all my bookmarks to resolve this problem?) — Update: watch at the bottom.
  • sporadic crashes
  • proxy problems (Firefox doesn’t read any information about user/password for authenticated proxies.


Although epiphany uses the same engine (Geko) it results more faster and responsive when do GUI operation and during rendering. Unfortunately epiphany lacks in features,  like session saver, searching inside address bar (I found it only in Firefox 3) and several useful of plugins (for example mugshot). There are also some behaviours that i can’t change, for example I can’t disable the messages which appear when connection switch from https to http (I did also a quick search into configuration editor, but…nothing).


It’s a closed software, but I tried anyway. First step I tried to set proxy. OMG WTF! No possibility to use the flag “Use this proxy for all protocols”…boring!!! After 2 minutes I removed it.


I’m a GNOME user…Konqueror is poorly integrated into GNOME and I can’t use with GNOME composite manager. Removed!


Nice idea, a lightweight web browser with WebKit engine. Completely unstable.


Another webkit web browser…but is more unstable than Midori.

Any suggestion?

Update 03/11/08@14:27: Thanks to my colleague Alessandro, there is a solution to fix the problem occurred to firefox 3 when I surf on (for example). It’s a nvidia bug and not a firefox/Xorg bug. You just have to launch this command:

nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=0 -a GlyphCache=1

KDE 3.5 osservazioni

Con diversi giorni di ritardo, riporto una specie di raccolta di appunti e constatazioni relativi a circa due settimane (forse meno) di utilizzo costante di KDE. Ci ho provato, e per la seconda volta…son ritornato indietro (allo Gnomo), quindi KDE 3 è ufficialmente bollato. 😀

Premetto che, usando una distribuzione GNOME(e, aimè python)-centric come fedora, alcune integrazioni non sono curate come su altre distribuzioni, per esempio Opensuse.

Nella gara al DE più simile a windows vince indubbiamente KDE (Arbiter è già pronto con le granate :D): konqueror è la copia sputata di explorer, browser e file-manager tutto fare, 1 tasto di “start, un menù che è un mezzo puttanaio, e tante tante, troppe applicazioni.

Per quanto riguarda Konqueror, supporterà anche il CSS100, sarà anche il motore di Safari (bleah), tuttavia mi è piaciuto solo all’inizio. Quando ho iniziato ad usarlo, sembrava performante, molto di più di Firefox, tuttavia, dopo un po’ di utilizzo, iniziava (come molte altre applicazioni (kopete), a singhiozzare ed a non essere scattante come all’inizio).

Parlando di prestazioni in generale, sarà forse che ero condizionato da GNOME (dopo mesi di utilizzo) vs KDE (pulito), all’inizio mi pareva che le QT fossero TANTO più veloci, ma dopo una settimana questa impressione è passata.

Contrariamente alle aspettative non ho dovuto/voluto configurarlo particolarmente tanto (più di GNOME sicuramente), ma non ci ho perso interi pomeriggi 😉

Che altro dire, ho provato krdc client e server e devo dire che è fatto molto meglio che in GNOME. Innanzitutto ha due software scritti per l’occazione e non si basa, come GNOME su vnc-viewer, quindi son meglio integrati, c’è la possibilità di assegnare ogni volta una password diversa, con possibiltà di invio via mail ed è cosi possibile creare diversi accessi.

Una cosa che ho notato in KDE e che non mi è piaciuta, è che KDE ha troppe, troppe applicazioni, nel senso che molte applicazioni sono state riscritte benchè ce ne fossero già fatte. GNOME usa molti programmi esterni (di solito è difficile che in GNOME abbiano scritto qualcosa che ci sia già), al contrario di KDE: il solo Koffice non ha senso con openoffice, KDE ha /4 programmi di grafica, GNOME ha Gimp (solido, stabile e soprattuto esterno).

Questa cosa non mi è piaciuta molto, anche perché KDE rischia di perdere di qualità in quanto deve mantenere troppi programmi al passo con i tempi (KDE è DE di default su poche distribuzioni mainstream).

Quindi, riassumendo, per ora usa GNOME, da gennaio…si vedrà 😉

Accetto eventuali correzioni, visto che la stanchezza e la pigrizia mi affliggono…

Update 05/01/08@09:21 Ho corretto le erronee affermazioni in base ai commenti, il resto è tutto preceduto da IMHO quindi inconfutabile se non da me 😉