My Lonely Island – Niijima Coast at Sundown

by Sprengben [why not get a friend]
hit “L” for a more spectacular view!

If you could take three things to a lonely Island, what would it be?

For me it would definitely not be my computer 🙂 The cool thing about traveling is that you somehow get rid of all the media (Even though I like to be inspired by good music when I shot my photos).
It is like a blessing to not have all these media inputs. Therefor you are able to feel this world with different senses. If you aren’t connected to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr all the time you don’t need to care about these pages anymore.

So yes I think I would take a book, my guitar and a bunch of nice people with whom I would like to talk about all these deep things you can’t talk about when you are in your daily crazy rush.

If you look at this photo I recommend to get lost in this really nice song called “Lift Me Up” by MOBY.

Moby – Lift Me Up

Somehow the song and especially the whole Hotel Album has always been a welcome follower of me taking pictures. Why? Because the music is somehow empty like this image but still so beautiful and thoughtful at the same time!

The Spot you see here is the lovely Island called Niijima. You can find it six hours away from Tokyo somewhere in midst of the Pacific.

Have a perfect weekend everybody!


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