FOSDEM 2014 was another amazing experience, beside the interesting talks about Graph Processing I’ve attended, the main ingredient, that make it so unique are the people.

is all about it: beerThinking about ...I'm thinking about javascript...Intense emotionFedora 20Just awesome
What are you talking about?Let me do what I do better...25 years later...FOSDEM boothFedora BoothWell, I'm trapped!
IntensionMaybe I can replicate your machine... let's say, 10000 times to start from something trivial?Fosdem's keynoteJoking about Mongo DBHowdy...Killing me softly...
Agile? Just cargo cult.After some beers...GravityYo... bro.Fedora boothAfter 2 months
FOSDEM 2014, a set on Flickr.

I’ve created also a nice comic with some nasty jokes, you can find it here.