Fedora 10 release party

Big sorry for late…but, you know, procrastination may be dangerous…

By the way, the release party goes well. To be honest, I’m not really satisfied about it because there wasn’t so much people (only ~25) although the place was simple to reach and the meal was good and free.

We lack a bit with announcement coordination, which was posted only few days before event, as a owner of this event, I’m not happy with my work, I don’t know…I think I made a lot of mistakes to coordinate people and calculate deadlines.

During the event Gianluca Varisco made an informal presentation about Fedora 10; I did a presentation, but without slides: I presented 2 new fedora people: Alexjan Carraturo and Stefano Cavallari. Alexjan Carraturo is new to Fedora but very motivated, he joined to Fedora Ambassador group in December; Stefano Cavallari is, right now, a contributor (afaik in Fedora Bug Triaging, but I’m not sure) but he planned to became an Ambassador in 2009.

Fedora got two new quality people.


Happy Birthday LOLUG!!

Happy birthday LOLUG.

Exactly one year ago, me and other six people, founded LOLUG association: Me, Francesco Crippa, Matteo Castellini, Samuele Farfarini, Davide Cerri, Andrea Tasso and Martina scarabelli.

What happens during this long year? We organize and partecipate to various events:

  • Linux Day 2007
  • Two meetings on “Networking for dummies”
  • Fedora By night
  • Participation to Liberamente event
  • Fedora 9 Release Party

In one year we grew our members number from 7 to 14.

We also start a project: “Linux Information” (called PiLLO), each Thurdsay we are available to answer questions and issues about Linux and FOSS world.

Tonight we will do a party to celebrate LOLUG birthday! 🙂

I have some ideas about some future events..so…stay tuned!!

Fedora 9 Release Party Report

Probably you have already read the great Francesco Crippa report’s. I want to try to write my report in a different mode, to give you another vision about yesterday day.

As Francesco said: it was great! I completely agree with him, it was a great party, with more people than other events we organized time ago. About 40 people, in our city 40 people to a Linux event are a lot.


My morning start with some tests on kobold for usb live creation station…

… and preparing GNOME foots to use it as track for people who come to event because the location was a bit hidden from the street…

After that, me and Lucia went to supermarket and bought some snacks and drinks (especially beer, of course 😉 ) and we stored it in a secure place:

This good snack is cooked by Lucia, who, with other people, bring something homemade, to party (cakes in particulars, but also short snacks):

12 hour after, we prepare ourself to come to Lodi: here you can see Daniele and Gianluca in the elevator during transport to event location:

yum install fedora9releaseparty.noarch

It’s time to prepare event. All things (bottles, dishes, food, cakes) need to be placed. Room need to be fedorize with posters.

service fedora9releasepartyd start

Me, Francesco e Gianluca start event with a talk about Fedora 9 releases notes and fedora SIG. My photos from here are not so good, so I steal a couple of Francesco’s one 😉

After talk, I take place on Fedora 9 usb creation station:

I love beer…

service fedora9releasepartyd stop

Now it’s time to start to clean the place…This is Stefano…our frend, fedora user from 2 week and LOLUG active member 😉

2:05 AM …


It’s time time to return home, after cleaning location event and terminate event day shutdown 😉

I’m satisfied of this event. A special thanks to Lucia, Francesco, Gianluca, Daniele, Raffaele, Marco and other LOLUG people who help me in event organization. I reach home at 3:10 AM and today at 8 AM I was ready to go to work. 🙂

Now I want to sleep 😛

Fedora 9 Release Party

Party + Linux + Fedora = Beer + food + Social 😉

I’m proud to announce first Italian Fedora 9 Release Party scheduled for 13 May 2008. We will be in Lodi (south of Milan) in Via P.Gorini 19.

We will provide food and drinks and fedora USB creation stations (powered by kobold), unfortunately we don’t have time to print CDs/DVDs, so we will bet on USB creation stations technology.

Don’t hesitate to come! Remember also to bring with yourself an USB key with at least 1Gb of free space (if you have data, kobold preserve it, but is better to backup it before ;-))

More information (in Italian language) here. Thanks also to other LOLUG members to support us.

I hope we will meet there 😉