Evolution 2.24 = Epic fail?

I took this photos five minutes ago.


After this and this, I’m tired, I can’t update…evolution 2.24 sucks a lot!


By the way, I’m not going to switch to Thunderbird or $random_email_client, I was satisfied by previous releases. I’m hopeful this version will be fixed.

Update 24/11/2008@11:25: probably I have a credit with emails 😛

Update 04/12/2008@10:18: I’ve a lot of news 🙂 I’m using the 2.24.2 since I found it on koji, few problems was solved but most of them remains, for example this and this 🙂 The work to do is huge, I hope to see improvements next minor release in January 2009.

Update 08/12/2008@10:35: 2 hours to filtering message…what the fuck…I’m looking for an alternatives 😦

Update 17/12/2008@18:27 Right now, I can say that there is no alternative to evolution. The answer to “why not?” is “Evolution implements a very good virtual folders idea”.

Why virtual folders are so important for me? because permit you to abstract you email trees and make it independent by accounts number, account type, etc…The classical approach suppose you use POP, download your mail and manage it in locale. But if you use IMAP, for example, every email tree is independent, and there is no way to work with email from each account at the same time. To be hones, this is not really true. Right now the most innovative feature is the possibility to save a search (supported by Evolution, KMail and Thunderbird) and this search may be performed cross-account.

What is lacking, and Evolution had it (for more information about my frustration read here), is a folder that collect all emails the searches didn’t match.

I’m sick to explain to every people who tell me “I have evolution and it works” so this is my situation: I have to manage about 4 email account and a lot of old local emails. I usually use IMAP. I use about 30 virtual folders and I receive about 150/200 email every day (this number depends of days and of how many mailing lists I subscribed).

Update 15/01/2009@21:46 I have to say that last Evolution minor release (2.24.3) is really better. Less noisy bugs, less crashes. Unmatched folder feature is still missing, but I think developers understand that is important and they will try to get it back in next major release. I hope also zimbra-plugin mantainer take care of bug I opened because I can’t use my online zimbra calendar.


the circle is closed

I just added to my desktop the last release of my own best-application…

….now the circle is closed. My desktop will p0wnz!

[lfoppiano@sboing ~]$ cat ~/.scripts/kill_adobe_shit.sh
killall -9 npviewer.bin;
killall -9 acroread;
killall -9 nspluginwrapper

fedora 9 upgrade

Yesterday I tried to upgrade from fedora 8 to fedora 9 using anaconda and DVD…As usually something went wrong: anaconda crashed during installation..fortunatly during post-install process…

Right now I have a mixed system:

[root@sboing ~]# yum list installed | grep fc8 | wc -l
[root@sboing ~]#

…and I try to use a bash powered script to clean and fix it:

[root@sboing ~]# for x in `yum list installed | grep fc8 | awk '{print $1}' `; do yum remove "${x%.*}*fc8" ; echo "yum remove " ${x%.*}*fc8; done

and after 🙂

[root@sboing ~]# yum list installed | grep fc8 | wc -l
[root@sboing ~]#

Now all seems working, except for the Nvidia video card :-/ I’m waiting next nvidia closed drivers….
Update 29/05/2008@13:26 Today official NVidia driver are on livna fedora repository… \o/

Un kernel parlante…

Ogni tanto il kernel mi parla….

Message from syslogd@ortles at Feb 6 20:01:42 ...
kernel: You have some hardware problem, likely on the PCI bus.

Message from syslogd@ortles at Feb 6 20:01:42 ...
kernel: Dazed and confused, but trying to continue

Message from syslogd@ortles at Feb 6 20:01:42 ...
kernel: Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason a0 on CPU 0.