Installing Ubuntu Linux on existing LVM partition.

Ubuntu that doesn’t support LVM by default… are we joking?

Se il buon giorno si vede dal mattino… annammo bene…


I want Fedora 15. NOW!

Today I woke up and I decided that was enough for Fedora 14. I upgrade straight to Fedora 15 rawhide.

Instead of reinstalling I just update with preupgrade. So far so good. Apart for a crash in the kernel during the boot, some errors in the configuration of the Xorg, kernel panic and random problem here and there, hammering, I finally managed to make it works.

Gnome 3 looks good.

I will write something about it soon.

WTF! I need a new web browser!!!!

Today my computer’s browsers played thermonuclear war. I’m frustrating!

Firefox 3

Firefox is the most famous web browser on Linux system. IMHO is almost too weight and too much unstable. Mozilla Foundation seems Ubuntu: great and effective marketing (made by a company) but poor development. It’s a great vaporware.

I got any type of problems with Firefox 3 on my Fedora 9 (my user configuration files was upgraded from Firefox 2):

  • 100% cpu occupation on (resolved simply deleting ~/.mozilla. but, WTF why I have to lost all my bookmarks to resolve this problem?) — Update: watch at the bottom.
  • sporadic crashes
  • proxy problems (Firefox doesn’t read any information about user/password for authenticated proxies.


Although epiphany uses the same engine (Geko) it results more faster and responsive when do GUI operation and during rendering. Unfortunately epiphany lacks in features,  like session saver, searching inside address bar (I found it only in Firefox 3) and several useful of plugins (for example mugshot). There are also some behaviours that i can’t change, for example I can’t disable the messages which appear when connection switch from https to http (I did also a quick search into configuration editor, but…nothing).


It’s a closed software, but I tried anyway. First step I tried to set proxy. OMG WTF! No possibility to use the flag “Use this proxy for all protocols”…boring!!! After 2 minutes I removed it.


I’m a GNOME user…Konqueror is poorly integrated into GNOME and I can’t use with GNOME composite manager. Removed!


Nice idea, a lightweight web browser with WebKit engine. Completely unstable.


Another webkit web browser…but is more unstable than Midori.

Any suggestion?

Update 03/11/08@14:27: Thanks to my colleague Alessandro, there is a solution to fix the problem occurred to firefox 3 when I surf on (for example). It’s a nvidia bug and not a firefox/Xorg bug. You just have to launch this command:

nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=0 -a GlyphCache=1