When I was in Italy, I was used to travel by bus to go to work. About a year ago they renew the website and give to customers the possibility to subscribe to a newsletter that announced changes in the path of the bus, due to works on the street and so on.

I still a subscriber of this newsletter (that I guess is useful), more for laziness, but tonight I receive a message about a variation of path in Melegnano.

First of all two words about it. Melegnano can be considered the pain in the ass of every person is travelling to Milan from the South, vice-versa (but also in any direction that include this bloody city). There aren’t big streets to avoid you to pass inside the city and the roads available are small, that means queues every day and almost every hours! Every people would like to blow up Melegnano and build an highway instead (by the way I know some nice people from that city, none of them I would see hurt).

Anyway, today I saw an email from the bus company said the path will change for one day because in Melegnano there will be men at works for the pruning of plants in one street (Viale repubblica),  from 7:00 to 16:00. Guess, that street is one of the main street people use to pass throu the city. What does that means? Jungle!

After reading that I starts guessing all my emotions during the travels to and back to work (and I can say that I’m one of the luckiest guys in my company), with car or bus. Will be able to come back to my previous life? Probably not. That because the quality of life is mostly based on the environment around your job, and I guess, the travel can change a lot how you feel (like or dislike) your job.

Of course there isn’t a place without defect…but we’ll see (after the Dutch winter) 🙂

Linux Day 2009

This year the Linux Day in Lodi was a bit unusual, because was organized in part from abroad and in a really short time.
After 5 years of Linux Days, we are pretty handy on it,  so most of the work was already done.

The agenda was a mix of techincal and divulgatives talks. We got two guests: Daniele Segato and Alessandro Palumbo that respectively spoke about “git for superheroes” and “Drupal: With a great CMS comes great possibility”. Good impression the first talks done by Leonardo about Openoffice and Raffaello about Gobby (a nice collaborative editor).

Despite the effort we put on it, we had low participation, probably we lack in communication: more spam and more conventional channels; Facebook (in Italy) remains a weak way to have more people participating to some events.

Anyway a big Thanks to anybody who came, who organized and set it up and all contributors we had. Thanks!

Photos (from Francesco Crippa) here.

Tech Day

Warm Up

Checking infrastructure

  • camera                                                                                  [   ok   ]
  • webcam… found two                                                            [   ok   ]
  • fedora ambassador polo                                                      [   ok   ]
  • laptop                                                                                    [   ok   ]
  • presentation….adjusted starting from here [   ok   ]
  • kobold + fedora 9 isos                                                          [   ok   ]
  • posters                                                                                  [   ok   ]

ready to go! 🙂


I don’t have time for a report, however Gianluca Varisco’s report is good and enought. In few words: nice event.

Here and here you can see photos from this event.