Cerea Fair Report – Jan 2010

Cerea is a small town, near Verona, characterized by a really huge exposition area, called AreaExpo, which counts a long series of events and expositions every year.

Before talking about the conference, I would like to talk a bit about the story of this event. Since I had the first contact and we got introduced to the possibility to have an active participation there, I was convinced on the importance of it. As Italian ambassadors we had to consider it as a key event.

Everything was possible thanks to Emanuele, friend and university mate, involved in some NPO of the area: LUGMan, Protezione civile, ARCO, etc. During MemoByte 2009, he introduced us to this fair and propose a huge Fedora participation.
I attended the Summer edition on August with Davide to have a look at the area and a better idea of the place. I was really impressed about it. Basically, the exposition area is divided into two parts: the exposition and the conference room with spots for 250 people.

The initial proposal and idea was to fill the conference room with talks during all the fair; I could say my best wish was to have Chitlesh Goorah speaking about Fedora FEL.

Unfortunately (and sadly) the Italian community didn’t answer very well (when I proposed it I got as answer only complains about the distance, the place, this and that…and so on…), so we (me and Emanuele) decided to do something lighter, less heavy (even for who organized) and with less resources required: a booth in the exposition area.

The (dream) team was composed by 5 people: Me, Alexjan, Marina, Davide and Lorenzo. The plans was to get there on Friday evening (I arrived on Saturday morning), stay there until Sunday evening. Due the impossibility to came back every night I arranged to sleep in an hostel near Cerea.

The exposition was really good, basically full of electronic, used stuff, radio amateurs, and various mixed booths. Indeed it was full of people; the organizations estimate around 10000 ~25000 people attended the event. We got also a really nice position, we were placed near the entrance, where all the people passed by after entering in the area.
A lot of people stop by and try the computers, ask questions and talk with us; statistically speaking most of them were above 40 years old, but I saw also some young people (not so many anyway).
The most common question people asked us were: “why not Ubuntu?” and “what are the differences?”; someone asked also “What is Linux?”. Next time I’ll bring a “fedora starter kit” with the most Frequently Asked Questions. 🙂

I really like the way we handle this event. My organization was a bit confused at the beginning because 1000Km distance are not handy but the team did and excellent job. In fact I cannot to say thanks to Stefano, who didn’t join us but did a fundamental job by helping me, like my right hand.
On my side, there are a lot of stuff that have to be improved, we manage successfully to get some CDs and DVDs (thanks to fedora) but due to some problems I couldn’t print the latest 4 foundation banner, we used the old Freedom, Voice and Infinity one.
Next time I want to design and try a new gadget concept. Instead of having CDs and DVDs I want to prepare and give a transparent plastic CD cover without a CD/DVD inside, but just information about:
• what is fedora
• how download and burn it
• how to join

Why this? Because, in Italy at least, most of the people who ask for CD/DVD don’t really need it, they need only the cover and the information printed on it.

Last but not least, this, for now, will be the last even I’ll organize in Italy. I’m now busy on FAmSCo stuffs and I still have to getting in and being more productive. Moreover the distance doesn’t help me, and I would like to see if the Italian community can walk without me.

I also decided to give my Ambassador polo, which is really big for me (I’ll get a new one two size less) to Alexjan. Like Max give to me for my involvement in Fedora, I’ll give to him because he is really doing good stuff for Fedora.
I have to congratulate with him and with all of the team, for the passion, the care and the effort they put on this event: I have to give my welcome to Marina, who will join our ambassador community.

In conclusion, this event was double worthy. Looking the relation with the outside world, we spot in a prolific (linux speaking) area and will give us opportunities to have at least two/three events per year. Looking internally we enhance our team, our relations, I believe having a face-to-face speaking was 10000 better than talking only via email and fortified your relation for present and future.

You can find additional photos from the event here.


June june, what a crazy month :)

June is going to be a bit heavy. All weekends are taken:

  • 6th: Memobyte (Mantova): Event related on electronic and embedded systems, with a lot of companies involved in. I’ll be there to support Fedora FEL with some light speeches (during all the day) and a booth with gadgets, USB station. Thanks to Gianluca, Alexjan and Stefano who agreed to come with me.
  • 13th: ConfSL & LUGConf (Bologna): I’ll be in Bologna as two role: as President of LOLUG (no profit organization about Linux) and as Fedora Ambassador. This conference is really important to give a structure and exchange experiences in local user groups. Of course I’ll be there as Fedora ambassador because ConfSL has a lot of ubuntu/debian supporter, so I have to bring some fresh air 🙂
  • 19th-21th: Byte-code MeetUp (Bormio): The third annual Byte-Code MeetUp, a combination of sessions, talks, workshops, and hackfests in which contributors work on specific initiatives. This year will be some international VIPs 🙂
  • 26th-28th: Fedora EMEA FUDCon (Berlin): Fedora user and developer conferences will include two days of hackfests and possibly some presentations, followed by a day of BarCamp.

Linux Tag {2/4}

We woke up at 7am (!!!) and we left Hotel at 8am; the night and breakfast help us to recover energy.
I had to stay in booth from 9 to 11 and from 15 to 17, so, In the other moments, I visited other stands: I played (again) with FlightGears and, a bit, with Freets on Fire and TeeWars (amazing game!!).

In the OpenSolaris stand I spoke with a MySQL guy about past rumours and the possibility to have closed source part inside MySQL; as far as I remember he said: “Is impossible to say. I can’t say yes, but… of course, I can’t say also no”.
We spoke about the OpenSolaris community: management, development model and other stuff. I think is quite similar to Fedora community (but, of course, fedora community is better 😉 ).

During this day me and other guys enjoyed to see problems about biometrics controllers; Marco Ziesing tried to set up finger recognition but it didn’t work only for him! (LOL).

Software require to pass your finger on the sensor for three times, to allow it to memorize information: for me and other guys after third time, the cursor return and all goes ok, but for him, after third time, the program crashed….and he won also a set of kernel ops.

These are two OLPC in the Fedora booth, it’s a nice computer:

In the evening we went to a social event, organized by Linux Tag; all ambassador who paid EMEA fee receive a bathrobe as a gift. All EMEA member at Linux tag decided to dress their bathrobe to go to social event: simply wonderful.

Social event was located in a strange but nice place, maybe an old farm: unlimited drinks and meals, music, people etc..

and…shadowman appeared  🙂

The place was divided into two main parts: inside the building there was a big table full of food, and a place to sing and dance, unfortunately the temperature was warm, so some people went in the outside part. The outside part was a small garden with some tables and a place where people grill meal for us.

Nice day and evening 😉

Fedora 9 Release Party

Party + Linux + Fedora = Beer + food + Social 😉

I’m proud to announce first Italian Fedora 9 Release Party scheduled for 13 May 2008. We will be in Lodi (south of Milan) in Via P.Gorini 19.

We will provide food and drinks and fedora USB creation stations (powered by kobold), unfortunately we don’t have time to print CDs/DVDs, so we will bet on USB creation stations technology.

Don’t hesitate to come! Remember also to bring with yourself an USB key with at least 1Gb of free space (if you have data, kobold preserve it, but is better to backup it before ;-))

More information (in Italian language) here. Thanks also to other LOLUG members to support us.

I hope we will meet there 😉

Next meetings :)

Liberamente (19 April)
I will partecipate as LOLUG member and Fedora Ambassador, and I will do a short talk on LTSP technology. LTSP is a killer technology to help schools and PA to migrate on opensouce when an upgrade of large scale system is required.

Pycon 2 Italy (9, 10 and 11 May)
My talk proposal about Func has been accepted and, see you there. Sunday at 17:45 😉 I’m excited and, at the same time, scared. It’s my first official conference, and I’m not so able to speak in public, but on the other hand, never I start, never I learn. Let’s go. 🙂